Mini Desserts

Mini Desserts

Mini Desserts

Mini Desserts

North Water Bakery and Deli Home of Cake Designs by JoAnn, offers a wide range of fabulous bars, decadent tarts and specialty pastries. Whether you want special individual desserts for a dinner party or desserts for any occasion we can create any tempting treat that your guest will remember!

Mini Cakes

Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate cake with whip cream filling inside, buttercream, chocolate ganache and shaved chocolate on the outside

Carrot Cake
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, chopped walnuts on the sides, and topped with a candy carrot

Strawberry Genoise
Genoise with buttercream and sliced strawberries in between and buttercream on the outside

Banana Square
Banana cake with chocolate buttercream inside and chocolate ganache on the outside

Poppyseed Mini
Poppyseed cake with custard filling and buttercrean on the outside with seeds sprinkled on the sides and top

Lemon Mousse
Genoise with lemon mousse filling and buttercream on the outside

Hazelnut Square
Hazelnut cake with chocolate buttercream inside and chocolate buttercream outside with crushed hazelnuts

Raspberry Mousse
Genoise with raspberry filling and custard inside with buttercream on the outside topped off with a raspberry

Mini Pastries

Dark Chocolate Cup
Cheesecake square sitting in a chocolate cup with raspberry filling and covered with chocolate shavings

Milk Chocolate Cup
Cheesecake square sitting in a chocolate cup with caramel and chocolate fudge garnished with pecans and chocolate drizzle

Chocolate Strawberry Cup
Chocolate cup filled with custard and garnished with whip cream and a strawberry

Chocolate Cherry Mousse
Chocolate cup filled with cherry mousse and garnished with whip cream and a cherry

Gran Marnier Cup
White chocolate cup filled with Gran Marnier mousse and garnished with a mandarin orange slice and chocolate shavings

Hazelnut Dreams
Puff Pastry filled with custard, hazelnut, chocolate, fresh strawberries and topped off with chocolate hazelnut ganache and nuts

Lemon Slices
Puff pastry filled with lemon and topped with powdered sugar

Pistachio Bar
Puff pastry filled with pistachio custard layered with cream cheese filling and topped with vanilla glaze and nuts

Cream Puffs
A round éclair shell dipped in chocolate ganache and filled with vanilla mousse

Éclair shell filled with custard and dipped in dark chocolate ganache

Gourmet Tarts & Pies

Lemon Curd Minis
Cookie shell filled with lemon curd and topped with whip cream and lemon zest

Fruit Tart
Cookie shell filled with cream cheese and garnished with assorted fresh fruit

Pecan Tart
Tart shell filled with caramel, crushed pecans and topped with whip cream

Mini Dessert Pies
Miniature pies perfect for single serving. Available in pumpkin, apple crumb, banana cream, coconut cream and fruit filled

Bars & Brownies

Fudgey Brownies: With fudge frosting
Fudgey Brownies: With walnuts and fudg frosting
Cream Cheese Brownies
Turtle Brownies
Mystical Layered Bars
Pecan Pie Bars
Lemon Bars
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar
Marshmallow Krispies Bar
Fruit and Oat Squares
Chocolate Carmel Bars
Pumpkin Harvest Bars


Shortbread cookies – Dipped in milk chocolate or white chocolate
Coconut macaroon – Dipped in dark chocolate or plain


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