Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should I book my wedding cake?

Peak wedding season is May through October, with the majority of weddings occurring in August, September, and October. If your wedding date falls within the peak season, we suggest you book six to twelve months in advance of your date.

Q. Can I hold the date?

Yes. You can hold the date. You will need a $25.00 deposit which will hold the date of your event. When you have decided on a design and structure, you can come in and finalize your design. The cake must be finalized and paid in full I month prior to your date.

Q. How much cake should I order?

The first question you need to answer, are you serving your wedding cake as dessert, or, are you wrapping the cake for your guest to take home? If you are serving cake as dessert, you will need a piece of cake for every person attending, whether they eat it cake or not. This is due to the fact that most banquet facilities do not ask your guest if the want cake. They simply cut up the cake and pass it out to every place setting. If you are wrapping the cake, you do not need to have a piece for every person. It is up to you how much cake to order. We suggest you reduce your servings by 1/3 of your guest. For example, if you are inviting 300 people total, only order cake for 200. We suggest that you only order what you think you will need. We don’t like over selling cake.

Q. Is the top tier included in my servings?

Yes. You may serve all of your cake. We give you a complimentary, fresh, 7” tier on your one-year anniversary. It will be same choice cake flavor as your wedding cake – and it will be fresh! No dried-out, freezer burned cake on your first anniversary. Just call us one week prior to your anniversary to order your cake and you can pick it up on the day you specify.

Q. Are there different prices for any of the cake flavors?

No. We have 30 different traditional cake flavors to choose from.

Q. What about fillings? Are some fillings extra?

Yes. While buttercream filling and chocolate buttercream filling are included in our standard pricing some fillings may have an extra charge.

Q. Can I get fresh fruit in my wedding cake?

Yes, again, in certain situations. Fresh fruits should not be displayed for more than 1-1/2 hours and should be cut up and served immediately. You should not “wrap” cake with fresh fruit or fruit fillings in it.

Q. Can I display my cake outside?

Not a good idea. Besides the danger of the buttercream melting (temperatures above 80*), you stand the chance of drawing insects. Bees and flies like our buttercream, too. If you must display your cake outside, we recommend fondant icing.

Q. Can I get cheesecake as a wedding cake?

Yes, you can have just cheesecake or cheesecake torte. Cheesecake torte is a combination of one layer cheesecake, one layer traditional cake with a filling between each layer. Our cheesecakes or cheesecake tortes will be set up only about 1/2hour prior to your guest arriving, and must be cut up and served for dessert only. You should definitely not “wrap” cheesecake.

Q. Do you provide fresh flowers, or does my florist?

We’re really flexible as far as flowers go. Normally we coordinate with your florist for cake flowers. Florist – they will have the widest selection if you want a variety of flowers, or if you want to exactly match the flowers you are already getting from them. We pick up cake flowers from your florist and put the flowers on the cake.

Q. How far away do you deliver?

Our delivery area covers all of Kewaunee, Door, Brown, and Manitowoc Counties .

Q. Is there a delivery charge?

Yes. The delivery charge not only covers our time and fuel cost, but set up as well. Prices range from $25.00 and up to $60.00 depends on location of banquet facility.

Q. How do I make my payment(s)?

$25.00 is required at the time of booking and can be in the form of cash or check. The deposit is non-refundable. Final payments are due 30 days before your wedding date. You may pay by any of the methods listed above.

Q. Is your cake shop licensed?

Yes. We are licensed by the State of Wisconsin . On a regular basis our kitchen is inspected by Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection.
Call (920) 487-5306 for your appointment today for a wedding cake to remember!

North Water Bakery and Deli Home of Cake Designs by JoAnn, specializes in all forms of the confectionary arts, so we can truly customize your wedding cake for that most special of days…your wedding. Cake Designs offers an extensive list of flavors you may mix and match for your wedding cake. We use only the finest of ingredients and limit the number of orders we take to assure you a top quality cake.

At your appointment we will custom design your wedding cake. You will be able to view our numerous photos & books and discuss ideas and design every detail of your wedding cake.

*A $25 deposit will reserve your date
*There are no hidden costs or graduating price structure
*Pillars: Grecian Crystal or Clear
*Water fountains
*Any design-no extra cost (Basket weave or lattice, etc.)
*Complimenary 1st Anniversary Cake
*Work with you or your florist on silk or fresh flowers
*Gum Paste Flowers ($40 and up)

Call for your appointment today for a wedding cake to remember!


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